Every Nation Series – Mission to Nairobi, Kenya

The Lady with the Red Lip Gloss 

We had set up a medical camp in the premises of a church ( Liberty Christian Center Nairobi), and many people had come seeking help for their real needs. Although I had hoped to raise a team for the mission, it didn’t happen. However, I was able to join the team by His special grace. It had taken a lot of sacrifice to finally make the over 22-hour trip, but as with every mission, I prayed to help one person with a real need.

Just two hours into the first day’s outreach, I felt a nudge to give attention to a lady who had been turned back by the dental triage team. When I sat down to speak with her, it was touching to know that she had lost many abilities, including her ability to smile and her confidence, which had been eroded. She was a widow in her mid-60s and her eyes were filled with tears as she shared her story with me. Despite always taking good care of her teeth, she had developed severe gum disease, causing her teeth to become progressively loose and resulting in excruciating pain.

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As she spoke, I noticed her red lip gloss, which stood out in what she described as a very bad situation. It was a stark contrast to the pain and suffering she was experiencing. Her smile was barely visible, and it was evident that she was self-conscious about her teeth.

I knew I had to help her. After speaking with the dental team, we were able to make arrangements for her to receive treatment. The look of relief on her face was unforgettable.

Over the next few days, I spent time with her, going through the process of restoring her smile. We spoke about her life, and I learned that she had lost her husband almost three decades ago. Despite her struggles, she was always positive and grateful. Her faith in God was unwavering, and she believed that He would provide for her needs.

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As I prepared to leave the mission, she thanked me with tears in her eyes. She told me that our team’s kindness had given her hope and had restored her confidence. For the first time since I met her, I saw a glimmer of the person she used to be.

As I boarded the plane back home, I thought about her and the impact she had on me. Her unwavering faith and resilience were an inspiration to me. She had reminded me of the power of a simple act of kindness and the difference it could make in someone’s life.

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I made a vow to continue to be a beacon of hope to others. The Lady with the Red Lip Gloss would forever be etched in my memory as a reminder of the transformative power of love and compassion.

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