Implant Site Preparation Workshop

Continuing Education Workshop: Advancing Expertise in Dental Implantology

This workshop within the series is tailored for dentists who are new to placing dental implants. The focus of the workshop will be on fundamental surgical and implant therapy aspects, leading to expertise in single-tooth implantation. Dentists attending this workshop will gain a foundational understanding of the knowledge and skills required to safely and efficiently diagnose, plan, and implement dental implant procedures.

Participants Will Acquire Knowledge In:

  1. Anatomy, physiology, surgical techniques, and fundamental considerations for prosthetics in dental implantology.
  2. Fundamental aspects of the biology of implant integration.
  3. Planning strategies for achieving successful outcomes in implant placement.
  4. Identifying indications and contraindications for successful implant integration.
  5. Considering medical history and its impact on implants.
  6. Understanding the influence of medical conditions such as diabetes, periodontal disease, smoking, and medications on implant integration.
  7. Surgical essentials, including the necessary tools for successful implant placement.
  8. Utilizing CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) in the planning of dental implant treatments.

Pre-Workshop Didactics

All participants are expected to view the pre-class video lectures with links below and submit 1 summary of each video lecture on or before workshop day. Submission will be via Google Classroom





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