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Flood Relief Efforts in Nigeria 2022

The living conditions of families displaced by flood at the IDP camps across Nigeria is far from desirable.

We are provided daily nutritious meals to over 1000 persons, and medical care for more than 400 persons including nursing mothers who recently delivered their babies.

More than 30 individuals sleep in each class which serves as their bedroom every night.

Currently, we are in partnership with New Wave Nigeria to provide mosquito nets, and beds, as many of these families, sleep on bare floors, and distribute nutritious complementary foods to be prepared for children under 5 and continue to run the nutritious soup kitchen for the next 6 weeks until the flood subsides or till the affected families settle down comfortably.

Oral Health Programs Indiana, USA is working with us provide preventative treatment for internally displaced persons in the camps.

Premia Business Network also partnered with us in November to supply food to over 300 families in Oleh, Delta State

In the long term, we will be partnering with philanthropists, and international donors to rebuild their homes, and support them with foodstuff and small grants to restart their lives.

This is our “Call to Action”

  1. Support our Nutri-Soup Kitchen with foodstuff to continue to provide nutritious and hot meals at the IDP camps where we support the affected families.
  2. Support the procurement of mosquito nets, mattresses, and other daily needs of detergents, wash soup, etc. for their use.
  3. Support our stand-by medical team with basic medical items for daily usage at the camp.

At this critical time in the country, we need each other to survive.

These affected families need you.

For support and donations;

Healing Hands Health Society

Access bank


To learn more >> https://lnkd.in/gaBVXVUM

To Donate via Pay Pal >> https://lnkd.in/epCrkKE

To Donate in Naira >> https://lnkd.in/g99WtzFE

To Read More >> https://lnkd.in/g9nhYXn3

This is our clarion call for these affected families, please hear us!

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