Hannah’s Story: Help Rehabilitate Hannah

The lockdown occasioned by  the COVID-19 pandemic has economic and human impacts. It is common knowledge that the already endemic hunger crisis in many cities is  getting worse.

Healing Hands Health society instituted the Feed the Hungry Project to alleviate the sufferings of Nigerians. We are working with caterers and non-profit groups to provide food for needy families.

We are currently serving in Lagos, Warri, Oleh, Emevor, Aba, Jos, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Gwantu, Kaduna, Abuja and Accra-Ghana.


We served the good people of Bayelsa State through Feed the Hungry Nigeria project to Amassoma village on the 8th May 2020.

We provided food items to the vulnerable population; the aged, children, widows.  During outreach,  our ministry partner Dr Mena Finbarr,  encountered Hannah Peremoboere  3-year-old girl.

Hannah accidentally fell into fire when she went with her mum for bush burning in their farm months ago. She sustained severe burns on her hands, legs and abdomen. Due to financial constraints, her parents couldn’t take her to the hospital so they resorted to buying medicines from the local medicine dealers . The chemist offered dressing until her wounds became complicated. She has lost some of her fingers.  We have resolved to bring Hannah’s case before kindhearted citizens. It is our prayer that Hannah’s quality of Life will be altered positively. 

We have arranged for a  preliminary medical evaluation to determine the cost of her rehabilitation. 

We will keep you updated.

For now we are seeking to raise N3.5 Million for Hannah.


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Please Help Hannah!  Every little gift counts. Thanks in anticipation.

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