Rebuild Kaduna

Rebuild Kaduna

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I have traveled to many places for short term mission trips. It is typical for me to serve with all my might and move on to another location/ country.

The Kaduna mission has had me transfixed. I have not been able to turn my eyes away for 10 months now
A Christian community Nandu in Sanga Local Government Area, Kaduna State was sacked early hours of March 16, 2019. The rampage left 8 people dead including children and 30 homes burnt down.

I have not been able to go anywhere ever since. We birthed an audacious dream of rebuilding the lives of the inhabitants of Nandu. Healing Hands Ministries ….

Like Ruth, my heart echoed “your people shall be my people, and your God my God” And Ruth said, Insist not on me forsaking thee: for whither thou goest, I will go. Ruth’s mind was made up. Her heart would not be wrenched away from her mother-in-law. The length of the journey, its dangers, and the inevitable fatigue accompanying it moved not, by so much as a jot, her resolution. Had not her mother-in-law the same distance to travel, the same fatigue to endure, the same perils to encounter? Might not the aged traveler, moreover, derive some assistance and cheer from the company of a young, ready-handed, and willing-hearted companion? She was resolved. Nothing on earth would separate them.

If you are reading this, then I need you. We have built 4 of 30 homes. More resources are needed. Naira, Dollar, Euro, Yen, etc is needed to wipe the tears. What will you do?