2024 Trip to La Romana, Dominican Republic


Mission Trip Report: Dominican Republic

Location: La Romana, Dominican Republic
Duration: May 21-26 2024

In collaboration with Giving Hands Organization in La Romana, our mission was to provide essential medical, dental, food, and spiritual counseling services to underserved communities in La Romana, focusing on low-income areas with significant populations of Haitian immigrants and individuals of Haitian descent and well as Dominican residents.

Areas of Service
1. **Barrio George**
2. **Camajon**
3. **Brisa del Mar**

The communities we planned to serve are predominantly composed of workers in the Dominican sugar cane fields. Many of these individuals are Haitian immigrants without documentation or are people of Haitian descent who had their Dominican citizenship retroactively stripped by the Dominican government in 2013. This situation leaves them vulnerable to deportation and dependent on private companies for housing and basic needs.

Carlos Silvestre of Giving Hands Organization made arrangements for in-country preparations and volunteers. Dr Sara King and her team were invaluable to the outreach.

Patient Statistics
– **Total Patients Seen: Over 300
– **Medical Services**: General health consultations, treatments for common ailments, and provision of medications.
– **Dental Services**: Dental check-ups, extractions, and dental hygiene education.
– **Food Distribution**: Nutritional support provided to families in need.
– **Spiritual Counseling**: Counseling and support services aimed at addressing spiritual and emotional well-being.

Key Activities and Services

**Medical Services Provided**
– General consultations and treatment for common conditions such as infections, chronic illnesses, and injuries.
– Distribution of essential medications.

**Dental Services**
– Conducted dental examinations, extractions, and provided dental hygiene education.
– Distributed dental care supplies like toothbrushes and toothpaste.

**Food Distribution**
– Provided nutritious food packages to families in need to ensure they had access to essential dietary requirements.

**Spiritual Counseling**
– Offered spiritual support and counseling sessions to help individuals cope with emotional and spiritual challenges.

Valuable Plans
– Utilized bilingual team members and local translators to bridge language gaps.
– Coordinated with local organizations for transportation and logistical support.
– Prioritized resource allocation based on patient needs and severity of conditions.

Outcomes and Impact
– **Immediate Impact**: Improved health outcomes for 264 individuals through medical and dental services, immediate nutritional support, and enhanced spiritual well-being.
– **Community Support**: Strengthened community trust and built stronger relationships with local residents and leaders.

Personal Reflections
Team members shared profound experiences of witnessing the resilience and gratitude of the community. Many patients expressed relief and joy in receiving care and support, highlighting the critical need for ongoing assistance in these areas.

Future Recommendations
– **Preparation**: Enhance pre-trip training for volunteers, focusing on cultural sensitivity and language skills.
– **Resources**: Increase the quantity and variety of medical and dental supplies.
– **Sustainability**: Develop long-term partnerships with local organizations to ensure continuous support and follow-up care.


Our mission trip to La Romana, Dominican Republic, was a profound and impactful experience. By serving over 300 patients across various services, we addressed critical health, nutritional, and spiritual needs in vulnerable communities. Moving forward, we aim to build on this foundation, fostering sustainable health solutions and deeper community connections.





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