Healing Hands Inc. is a faith-based organization with the commission of spreading Christ's love through medical care to all people around the world. Healing Hands Inc. is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) humanitarian organization based in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA and Lagos, Nigeria

Our vision is to reduce health disparities and improve the health-related quality of life and health outcomes of vulnerable populations around the world.


  • To reduce disease burden and disability among vulnerable population especially amongst women, children and the elderly.
  • To promote healthy lifestyles through reduction in environmental, economic, social and behavioral exposures with serious health consequences.
  • Reduce the prevalence of communicable and non-communicable diseases.
  • To build the capacity of health care providers and improve the quality of life of rural dwellers in the communities we serve
  • To support research activities using well trained data collection and management teams.

We are committed to offering medical and dental care to the needy in impoverished communities around the world.

We carry out medical and dental intervention programs for orphans, widows and prisoners in rural communities.

We have plans to carry out feeding programs, disaster relief - clothing and housing communities in distress.

Empowering the body of Christ through discipleship training programs and teaching meetings is an endeavor we will be undertaking biannually.

We currently provide an avenue (through the print and electronic media) where the hurting can find love, acceptance, healing, hope, forgiveness and encouragement. We are publishers of Real Relationships Magazine.




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